Thursday, June 16, 2005

My name is Sy5.

My job is no. 832 - to collect human and non-human cargo for Gatwick MegaCity Space Station Corporation (GMC Corp.) - from/to Planet 24 (Earth), Planet 25 (Mars), Planet 26 (Jupiter) and Planet 27 (Saturn).

The round trip takes approximately 10 hours - allowing for delays along the busy Highway South (HS), especially in the rush-hour.

I work a 12 hour day shift - 4 days on/4 days off.

Friday 17 June 3005

Collected material from Planet 24 (Earth), salvaged from rubble in Zone 7, for the GMC Corp. Archive History Division.

During my break, I had a look in one bag - a bundle of old newspapers from June 2005 - Crawley Observer, Crawley News, West Sussex Gazette, West Sussex County Times, and The Argus.

How strange to read what life was like for people on Planet Earth, 1000 years ago !

Saturday 27 August 3005 (31st Century)

Today, I read a few pages from a newly-translated Research Paper - by an eminent Philosopher of Earth History who lives and works beyond our Solar System - entitled 'The History of Man on Earth Up To The 23rd Century'. Here is a sample :

"On planet 'Earth', the age of the mesozoic reptiles was succeeded by that of the mammals. Of these the 'hominidae', or larger apes, despite their physical defects...were nevertheless enabled, in virtue of their possession of a faculty akin to our own intelligence, to establish a supremacy over all the other inhabitants of the planet.

"They chiefly used this supremacy for the purpose of preying upon other species...The period of their dominance lasted for about 10,000 years, and was only terminated by their discovery of how to liberate the forces contained in the atom.

"This discovery, and the additional powers with which it endowed them, enabled them to increase their mutual destructiveness to such an extent that they succeeded, within a short space of time, in accomplishing the complete extermination of their whole species.

"The destruction of this noxious race, by their own unaided efforts, has always been acclaimed by our theologians, as one of the strongest pieces of evidence for the Providential government of the Universe".